Ye Says Was Almost Sent To Prison For Tax Evasion

kanye walks out of interview

Kanye revealed in his short-lived interview on Tim Pool’s Timcast podcast that he had received a phone call saying that he was going to be put in prison over a $50 million tax bill.

Ye pulled up to the interview with campaign manager Milo Yiannopoulos and white supremacist Nick Fuentes. He stormed out of the interview after a question regarding his anti-semitic remarks. Leading up to the storming out, Ye said that on the morning of the interview, he had received a call from the feds saying that they were going to throw him in jail for tax evasion.

Ye explained that he moved $140 million into JP Morgan before he was dropped from the bank and told he needed to put money in the same bank as Donald Trump. He added that he was trying to figure out how to buy his own bank and it was going to cost $50-$75 million to do so, but then was his with a $275 million bill from Adidas for marketing funds.

“This morning, I found out that they were trying to put me in prison because what they did was, I moved $140 million into JP Morgan. And I said, ‘I want to talk to Jamie Dimon [JP Morgan CEO],” Ye said around the eight-minute mark. “Like, look at me, I’m just going in naive, you know, multi-billionaire, like, ‘Maybe Jamie Dimon will let me in on some deal flow.’ Wrong! And I’m banging my hands like, ‘I want to meet with Jamie!’ I start complaining online, and then they de-bank me for complaining.”

Ye continued: “So I’m about to get de-banked, they like, ‘You need to go to Trump’s bank — Axos or whatever.’ And I’m like, ‘I’ve been trying to buy my own bank for the longest.’ We figured out how to get my own bank — it’s like $50 million, $75 million — so I’m about to buy my own bank, but then, as they’re about to take the money out, here comes Adidas with a $275 million bill for marketing funds that they agreed upon. Because I said to them, ‘Hey, I’m the marketing; give me the marketing fund.”

Ye goes on to say that he then had a conversation with a lady at CohnReznick, a leading tax company, who said he had “a LOT” of taxes to pay.

“I’m not gonna mention her name because she’s a nice lady, but someone at CohnReznick tells me — and I tell all of my finance people never use the term ‘a lot’ — but they said, ‘OK, you’re gonna have to pay a LOT of taxes.’ And that made me feel like they’re just waiting like, ‘We finally got him! We finally can put him in jail!’

Ye was then interrupted by one of the show’s co-hosts who was trying to ask him a question about his anti-semitic remarks. Ye asked to continue his story and said that there was a $75 million hold on four of his accounts. After talking with the lady at CohnReznik, he finally found out that he had $50 million in taxes to pay.

“I’m talking about literally finding out that they were trying to put me in prison this morning. But I found out — okay, so they froze, they put a $75 million hold on four of my accounts. And then they said you owe a lot in taxes. It took me about six hours to find out how much a lot was. Well, around $50 million dollars.”

You can check out the clip below.

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