Black Female Producer Expose HBO Max Over Stolen Show


A Black female writer claims her pitch for a new show was stolen from her by HBOMax and she’s posting the receipts to prove it.

Shay Caldwell wrote:

Unfortunately, today, I feel defeated hearing the news that a project my writing partner @heycassady and I have shopped around Hollywood for the last 2 years has been picked up by HBO Max with a crew comprised of people from my personal pitch deck.

It strikes me as odd that the very project execs believed stood no chance with its title in the climate we live in would go on to find a life with the exact title and very similar content matter. In the thread posted you are seeing the sizzle of the show idea that we paid for out of our own pockets and registration spanning the past few years. To know this work has been taken with no acknowledgment of the people who formulated the Unfriendly Black Hotties story of 4 black female leads dealing with political correctness in a non-monolithic representation of black characters is devastating. I highly respect the players listed in the trades, but it’s peculiar that a story I’ve pitched to people with connections to the parties involved is now coming to light.

It was surreal to see my phone light up with congratulations from my peers and execs who know about my pitch about my project I did not indeed sell. I thought long and hard about making this post, but I derived that we need to share our experiences about the let downs of this industry as up and coming black narrators. We talk so much about spearheading change, but the first step is speaking out when injustice is happening.

I’m trusting that some resolve can be made to rectify this situation. Understanding thoroughly how many hands pitch and script materials can go through from assistants doing coverage, to various production staff, and execs who hold the green light, things can happen. I’m in hopes an amicable reprieve is possible because it’s disheartening to see people you admire become a part of your feeling of defeat. I truly feel for everyone who has dealt with this historically in Hollywood.

At the end of day I’m still a girl from
the southside of Chicago .. what’s t ? 💅🏽☕
@keke @amyaniobi @jermainecrawford @hbomax

CLICK HERE for Shay’s receipts.


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