[WATCH] Viktor & Rolf’s New Rotated Dress’ Spark Debate


Fashion house Viktor & Rolf’s latest stunt has divided fans, with some labelling their haute couture show as a “joke” and “madness”. To launch their Spring Summer 2023 collection, the designers sent 18 ballgowns down the runway at Paris Fashion Week.

While some of the dresses were a simple, elegant A-line style, the design duo mixed it up by dressing some models in an unusual way. One dress appeared to be walking by itself, floating a few inches in front of the model, dressed in a skin-coloured bodysuit.

Another model walked down the runway blind, wearing an ‘upside down’ dress covering her entire head and torso with just her arms and legs visible.

Attendees also saw dresses attached sideways and slightly askew, with another dress looking like it was going through a model’s torso.

After Vogue Magazine shared a video of the runway show on Instagram, the comment section was flooded with people who didn’t like the fashion show at all.

“Fashion week is becoming a circus,” one person wrote.

“And the point of this ridiculously stupid outing is what exactly?” another asked.

“This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time,” a third chimed in.

“Ridiculously awful. Not a fashionista but they couldn’t have come up with something I aspire to buy? Even the models look uncomfortable. Maybe that’s the point. Idk,” remarked a fourth.

However, multiple people defended the designer’s vision and said that they “loved” the show.

Would you rock this new look?

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