SOURCE SPORTS: Kyle Kuzma Donates $1 Million to YMCA in Flint, MI

Kyle Kuzma Donates $1 Million to YMCA in Flint, MI

Kyle Kuzma, an NBA champion, philanthropist, and Flint resident, declared on Wednesday that he would give the Flint YMCA $1 million through his Kyle Kuzma Foundation to help them build a new gymnasium, which will serve as the hub of activity there. The present Washington Wizard star’s contribution to the YMCA in his hometown continues a long tradition of generosity. Kuzma frequently recounts his experiences as a child playing basketball at the Downtown Branch of the Flint YMCA.

“Growing up in Flint, the YMCA was very much my home away from home,” said Kyle Kuzma. “It was my safe place and looking back now, it truly was the birthplace of many of the dreams I had as a young kid. This donation is for the next generation and it’s my hope that this new facility can provide them with the same thing that it did for me: a place to dream.”

The Flint YMCA and the surrounding area experienced issues and need that the Covid-19 Pandemic compounded. Many of the demands that the city has today cannot be satisfied by the YMCA facilities.

The facility will break construction in the spring of 2023, and Kuzma’s donation will assist in building the gymnasium there. The new gym will be a multi-sport venue with the required tools for basketball, volleyball, and pickleball, in addition to holding weekend and summer youth sports camps. Seating for spectators and minor tournaments will be possible in spacious, stepped areas. To recognize the contribution made by Kyle Kuzma and his foundation, the new area will be known as the “Kyle Kuzma Gymnasium.”

“This gift is so special, so personal,” said Shelly Hilton, YMCA of Greater Flint CEO. “Kyle has done what we hope all kids in our youth programs do – grow, thrive, and reach their dreams. He is a role model for all our kids. Kyle is building a gym where the next generation of youth can have hoop dreams.”

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