[WATCH] Damar Hamlin’s Uncle Speaks Outside of Hospital: ‘I Know He’s Still Here, I Know He’s Fighting’

Damar Hamlin’s Family Releases a Statement: ‘We Will Release Updates as Soon as We Have Them'

Damar Hamlin’s uncle, Dorrian Glenn, spoke on ESPN’s Sportscenter, giving an account of his family’s experience watching their family member collapse during the Buffalo Bills’ Monday Night Football game.Glenn said he was sitting with Hamlin’s 7-year-old brother watching the game.

“First we thought it was just a normal hit, and we thought that he popped back up … maybe take a couple plays off and get back,” Glenn said. “But the way my nephew — I have never heard him scream and cry like that. And then, when it was 10 minutes gone past, and then 20 minutes gone past, I knew something was serious.”

Glenn stated Hamlin was resuscitated twice at Paycor Stadium and one more time upon arriving at the hospital.

“I know he’s still here, I know he’s fighting,” Glenn said. “We appreciate all the prayers and support we have been getting from people all over — not just the country, but the world. … It really means a difference for my family to see that, and I know it’ll mean a difference to Damar when he sees that.”

Glenn also spoke with CNN outside the hospital.

Damar Hamlin’s family has released a statement following his cardiac arrest emergency during the Monday Night Football game between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals.

“On behalf of our family, we want to express our sincere gratitude for the love and support shown to Damar during his challenging time. We are deeply moved by the prayers, kind words, and donations from fans around the country.

We also want to acknowledge the dedicated first responders and healthcare professionals at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center who have provided exceptional care to Damar. We feel so blessed to be part of the Buffalo Bills organization and to have their support. We also want to thank Coach Taylor and the Bengals for everything they’ve done.

Your generosity and compassion mean the world to us.

Please keep Damar in your prayers. We will release updates as soon as we have them.”

The Buffalo Bills announced their safety Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest during the Monday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Hamlin is currently in critical condition at a Cincinnati hospital.

Hamlin received CPR on the field after he collapsed after a tackle by Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins. Hamlin also received oxygen before he was taken off the field and transferred to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

ESPN notes Hamlin is currently sedated. A large amount of the Bills remained at Paycor Stadium before departing and returning to Buffalo.

“Our thoughts are with Damar and the Buffalo Bills. We will provide more information as it becomes available,” the NFL said. “The NFL has been in constant communication with the NFL Players Association which is in agreement with postponing the game.”

After the injury, the Bills entered a moment of prayer. The game was initially set to continue after a delay. Still, Bengals coach Zac Taylor and Bills coach Sean McDermott met midfield to extend the break, eventually leading to postponement.

Hamlin was drafted sixth round of the 2021 NFL draft and had been starting in place of injured safety Micah Hyde.

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